Canal Boat Holiday questions & answers

Is the canal boat easy to handle?
Our canal boats are designed for ease of use. We will show you over the boat and explain how everything works, then set off with you. We will make sure you feel happy that you are in full control before we leave you. After that we are happy to come out at any time if you need more help, or if you would like an extra pair of hands at the locks, etc. (it might cost you a cup of tea!)

How far can we get in a week?

That depends entirely on you. It is possible to go from end to end of the canal (70 miles in all) and “see it all” in a week so long as you are prepared to cruise for about 6 hours each day. But for most people, a leisurely trip to Brecon and back, and perhaps a couple of days down to Llanfoist or Goytre later in the week will allow time to explore, have a meal out and some time to relax. If you prefer a really peaceful canal holiday week with no locks, the tranquil section below Gilwern down to Pontymoile will allow you enough time later to cruise up to Llangattock or Llangynidr. At two miles per hour you will have time to see things you never noticed before!

Where can we moor?
Running all the way alongside the canal is a towpath. Although many people prefer to stop within villages, you are free to tie up wherever you wish on the towpath side, so long as it does not obstruct the waterway (for example under a bridge, or on a tight bend). In places where the water is particularly shallow you may have to “walk the plank” to get ashore.

Are there places to eat out along the route?
Travelling towards Brecon from Gilwern, there is a village every four miles – about every two hours cruising time. The villages are situated actually on the canal, and all have at least one pub where you can buy a drink or order a meal.

What about shopping?
We provide basic cleaning materials and toilet rolls, just bring your food provisions for at least a couple of days on board, however here at Gilwern there are two general stores, butcher, fish chips, Post Office, chemist, and doctor. Abergavenny and Crickhowell, each a pleasant walk from the canal have a wide selection of shops. Llangynidr and Talybont have good village stores where you can buy bread and milk and additional basic provisions, at either end of the canal Brecon or Pontypool have a good variety of stores.

What publications do we require?

In addition to our published brochure, a your boat guide and our guide notes, we post a free CRT Boater’s Handbook in addition the John Norris Canal Guide with confirmation of your booking.

Transportation: If you plan to arrive at Abergavenny by railway, or bus, we can collect you from the station, which have good links to the main network via Newport. If you then require grocery provisions from local suppliers we can drive you to the nearest supermarkets prior to embarking our boats.

Car Parking: We have a parking area at the rear of our premises for cars and small vans, other arrangements can be confirmed for larger motor home vehicles etc.

Gift Shop: On our premises you will be able to purchase gifts, literature, local crafts and art, greeting cards, stamps, ice creams etc.

Bed & Breakfast: We are able to offer B&B, En-suite with continental breakfast. The Twin/Double room has a kitchenette for a self catering option. Link as follows:

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